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Model: MK-2
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The Optilab MK-2 is a bi-directional outdoor analog Optical Network Unit (ONU) designed for Deep Fiber and RFoG applications. Available in Burst Mode or CW, the MK-2 uses Wavelength Division Multiplexing ( WDM) technology to combine 1550 nm forward-path signals and 1310 nm or CWDM return-path signals on a single optical port. The MK-2 can provide the HD video and QAM data bandwidth capacity of a traditional HFC optical node, but at a fraction of the cost. The return-path bandwidth capacity of the RFoG systems can be increased by a factor of 7 by using return-path lasers from 7 different CWDM wavelengths. Additionally, this versatile, compact mini-node is well-suited for a node splitting solution of a deep fiber system that enhances an existing HFC infrastructure.

1550 nm forward-path receiver
Return-path LD: 1310 nm or other CWDM λAvailable in CW or Burst mode
Single optical fiber for forward / return path
Low power consumption, compact and durable

12 VDC power adaptor included

3 year warranty standard 

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